Thursday, February 19, 2015

St Christopher - Patron Saint of Safe Driving

I purchased the original of the beautiful art nouveau St Christopher medal in from France.  So many people look to St Christopher for safety during travel - especially for teenagers and young adults!  And as mom to three young adults, I'm right there with you!

I like this medal because St Christopher is perched on the hood or a car, clearing the way of danger or trouble for the occupants.  Usually St Christopher is shown walking through water because in his legend, it was believed that he carried the Christ Child on his back across a deep river.  As he walked, the burden of the child grew heavier and heavier, it was only on reaching the far shore that Christopher discovered that his passenger was young Jesus himself and the weight he carried was the weight of our sins.

Is St Christopher really still a saint?  Absolutely!  His feast day was removed from the liturgical calendar because so little is known about him.  During early Christian times a saint might be made through popular acclamation rather than a formal canonization process, and that's how Christopher became a saint.  He is still the patron saint of travelers, lifeguards, and bachelors and many people celebrate his feast day today (July 24).

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