Sunday, September 29, 2013

Feast of St Michael the Archangel

Since today is Sept. 29, the Feast Day of St Michael the Archangel, I wanted to share this beautiful medal with you.  It's a reproduction that I cast of a vintage medal in my collection.

The original dates from the World War II era and especially brings to mind the militaristic attributes of this warrior angel.  St Michael fought to cast Satan out of heaven, so he's not depicted as a wilting, delicate guy.  You would want this angel on your side in battle!  I love the strong bold lines used to depict him.

The symbolism on the medal also follows a military theme.  The star behind his head is not just any star, but the star that you would see on the shoulder of a general, and the wings are those of an air force pilot.

This medal is a great reminder that Jesus does not demand that we be passive and weak in acting out our love for him, but sometimes he demands that we act with strength to protect what is right and good.

You can see this medal along with other St Michael medals in my shop: Rosa Mystica Religious Medals


  1. The design definitely looks like something from the 1940s. I like this image of St Michael and will save it.


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