Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm back and I've brought Joan of Arc with me!

Hello world!

I am refreshed and renewed after a weekend retreat called Christ Renews His Parish. What a wonderful gift to my parish community! I met lots of great women there who I know to love and know better over the coming months. One of these great women was the never-met-a-stranger Sarah who writes the blog Catholic Drinkie - and no, she's not an alcoholic, just a girl who totally respects and enjoys a refreshing adult beverage on occasion and combines her faith with fun!

So, anyway, I was talking with her and she inspired me to re-start my little blog attempt over here. I won't be blogging every day ~ maybe every week if we're lucky! But I've decided that it's OK. I'll do it as much as the Lord allows and follow his lead in this endeavor.

The cool catholic collector item I want to share with you today is a vintage hair barette. That's right ~ a hair clip, like a ponytail holder, or almost. This beautiful clip has a medallion of St Joan of Arc set in the center of some lovely scrollwork. I'm sure it must have been silverplated at one time because you can still see traces of the silver on the front and all over the back. And the fact that the silver is missing tells me that this barette was used and loved for a long time. Maybe it was used for a child's first communion?

It came from France, and Joan of Arc is the patron saint of that nation and very popular with girls since she died at the young age of 19. I'm reading a great book about St Joan right now called Joan: The Mysterious Life of the Heretic Who Became a Saint by Donald Spoto. I'm really enjoying it because I was looking for a book that told the real story of St Joan - not the hollywood version and not the romanticized version. The book is very well-researched and easy to read. It even shows Joan's letters and quotes from her trial. All I can say is - you go girl! St Joan was awesome and amazing and I love her that much more after learning more about her.

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  1. i have a beautiful old gold vermeil Joan of Arc medallion with gold wearing away to show silver beneath-- bust facing left in armor, no helmet nor laurels,holding sword upside down as a cross, reverse side simply reads "Jeanne D'Arc Bienheurese" around the outer edge with "P.P.N." in the center.
    beautiful filigree around the outer edge, almost the size of a U.S. penny. I have no idea the age. Anyone have any ideas? The only image I could google shows the one I bought! --
    Dawn in Thibdodaux, LA


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